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Opportunities in social care

Social care is about providing physical, emotional and social support to help people live their lives. For various reasons and at different stages of life, some people need support to develop and maintain their independence, dignity and control.

Social care provides a whole range of services to support children, adults and older people.

If you work in social care, you could help people in their own homes, in residential homes or in a number of other places such as day centres or supported housing.

Values & attributes

You might not have considered roles in social care until now and feel you don’t have the experience required. However, the industry is looking for people with the right values, attitudes and behaviours to undertake the roles they have available - you can be given the knowledge and gain the experience along the way.

Here are some examples of the values and behaviours you might need to work in social care.

  • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Be a good listener and communicator
  • Be reliable
  • Be able to follow instructions and procedures
  • Have an understanding of other people’s feelings

To understand more about the frontline roles in social care and identify whether you may have the right values and attributes why not undertake A Question of Care – an online, interactive resource based on real life scenarios from the social care industry.

Types of potential roles

As well as frontline roles such as care worker, social worker and community support worker, there are many other opportunities in the care sector. These include roles such as:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Activities coordinator
  • Technician
  • Administration
  • Support staff such as cleaning staff, chefs and drivers

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