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How we can help you

As hospitality and tourism establishments across the country reopen their doors, many are facing tough decisions around how to streamline operations. Inevitably, as changes to the furlough scheme kick in, a significant number of redundancies are expected across the sector.

To support those displaced, we're working in partnership with a range of organisations to redeploy people from hospitality, retail, travel and aviation into industries looking for staff as efficiently as possible, for as long as the disruption impacts vacancies.

Through our combined experience and connections with industry, we want to set a new standard of support to the industries we have known for years.

  • If you’re an employer with teams facing redundancies, we’re here to support by offering your people the opportunity to utilise their transferable skills and transition into a new role by upskilling through industry-recognised learning programmes.
  • If you’re an employer looking to expand your teams we can help meet your increased staffing demand by matching your requirements with willing, experienced professionals with sought after transferable skills.

To speak to a member of our team about how we can best support you, get in touch today at

Are you an individual looking for support?

If you've been affected by Covid-19 we can help. We understand the significance of the transferable skills you hold, and can support you in transitioning into a new role.

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