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Opportunities in health

With over 300 different roles, the UK health industry offers huge opportunities to move into an area where the values, behaviours and attributes you have already developed in your career are recognised and valued by employers.

If you believe passionately about improving and protecting people's health and wellbeing, then a role in healthcare could be for you.

Values & attributes

You might not have considered roles in health until now and feel that you don’t have the experience required. However, the health industry is looking for people with the right values, attitudes and behaviours to undertake the roles they have available - you can be given the knowledge and gain the experience along the way.

So what are the values and behaviours would you be expected to demonstrate?

  • Prioritise others before yourself
  • Respect and dignity
  • Compassion
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Value everyone

If you think a role in healthcare may be something for you why not try Health Education England’s free online tool ‘Values for Healthcare’ and find out whether you share the values required.

Types of potential roles

As well as frontline roles such as healthcare assistants and nurses there are many ancillary roles that are integral in ensuring the care and support provided to people needing health care is the best available. These include:

  • Administration roles including health records staff, receptionists and personal assistants
  • Support roles including porters and orderleys
  • Estates roles including groundsman, security, chefs and cleaning assistants

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Health Careers offer more information about the diverse opportunities within the health sector and examples of the career paths people working in healthcare have taken.

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