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How we can help you

People across the hospitality and tourism industry have faced incredibly uncertain times throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and with employers now under intense pressure to streamline operations, the crisis is bringing more distressing news to thousands of workers across the sector.

If you’ve been made redundant from the hospitality, retail, travel or aviation industries we’re here to support you.

Hiring managers across health, social care, logistics, retail and funeral care are seeking motivated and passionate individuals with the attributes and behaviours you hold.

Our goal is to help you capitalise on your transferable skills and transition into a new role with the industry-specific skills you’ll need.

What we offer

Our redeployment service includes:

A self-assessment to help align you to potential industries and roles. Your responses will help our team to build a profile to promote your expertise to recruiting employers across the health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail and funeral care industries.

A dedicated 1:1 session with a member of our team to discuss your skills, experience, values and attributes. This session enables us to build on the information from your self-assessment and identify which industry your transferable skills will most benefit. Our team then advise on the most appropriate learning package to further enhance your skills, and will begin matching you to available roles.

A comprehensive package of learning to prepare you for a new industry. Worth well over £55, the learning package will give you all the critical industry-specific skills that hiring managers in health, social care, retail, funeral care or logistics will highly value. Coupled with your transferable skills, this will make you an attractive prospect for any hiring manager!

How it works

Take a look at the information on careers in health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail and funeral care. Make an informed decision about which industries appeal to you.

Sign up. To register you will need to provide your contact details and complete a simple self-assessment to help us understand your skills, experience, values and the type of role you're looking for. You'll also be directed to book a telephone appointment with a member of our team and make payment.

Join a call with a member of our team to discuss your skills, experience and available opportunities. This will help us to match your skills to the array of roles available within health, social care, logistics & warehousing, retail and funeral care. It will also identify the package of learning that is most suited to your ambitions.

Access your specialist e-learning package. You can work through the learning packages at your own pace. All learning is industry-recognised and designed to equip you with the specialist introductory knowledge needed to transition into a new role and operate safely.

Agree we can share your details with hiring managers. We'll match your values, behaviours and attitudes to those of recruiting employers and provide your profile to those seeking your transferable skills. We'll make a formal introduction to those wanting to connect for interview. Then it's your opportunity to shine!

How much it costs

We want this service to be as accessible as possible during these difficult times. We charge £50 (inc VAT) which covers the cost of the learning. We’re also encouraging employers to refund this cost to individuals that they recruit through this service.

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Take control of your future by transforming your skills and equipping yourself with the specialist industry-specific knowledge needed to transition into a new role.

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Looking for support as an employer?

If you're a manager in hospitality, retail, travel or aviation with teams facing redundancies, or if you’re from a business looking to expand your teams we can help support you.

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